Our app is available for download through Android, still waiting on apple!





Link to the app!



So here’s the deal!

Our deadline is fast approaching and we’ve made a decision. We could finish the app as it is by midnight. But if we released it like it is neither of us would be happy with the way it is. We want to turn this weekend project into something polished that people will enjoy. Something that we can be extremely proud of. So we have some things to implement that are going to take longer than we thought was possible.

First, a talent calculator. Everyone has been asking for it and I think it would be an absolutely amazing addition.

Second, more professional looking art. We were going to release the app with my current art and then update the app with better art as we got it. We have decided that if we want people to actually use it then we should wait until we have art that people will actually want to look at.

Also some fun miscellaneous things such as maybe where to find certain ranger pets and the like.

We haven’t abandoned hope, far from it. We’re more excited and confident now than at the beginning.


We will be posting regularly so you guys don’t think we’ve abandoned our aspirations!